Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So I started a blog . . . .

I must admit I have been feeling a little bit left out. Almost everyone I know has a blog. I love to check them and see all of the great pictures, but yet I never started one for us. In fact I have discovered that Christmas letters are going the way of typewriters as everyone is already informed on what has happened in 2008 because they just read their blogs. So in an attempt not to be left our I started one for our family.

Don't ask about the title. I was getting frustrated and tried about 20 different titles which were all already taken. So I thought okay, "4 kids and counting." Now if we count Pedro then we ould have 5 but that is to much thinking for one day. And the title was avaliable so I gladly clicked accept!

There is not much news on the homefront. It is cold here in Waxahachie today. We had about 10 minutes of beautiful snowfall and a 2 hour delay to school. Tonight is supposed to be the high school band concert. Much to Tommy's dismay as he is very anxious to watch the Biggest Loser finale.

I hope that this "blog post" finds you well!